Who We Are

The All Ireland Smart Cities Forum is a community of practice focused on the advancement of cities in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland through the deployment of, and value creation generated by, smart city programmes.

The Forum is made up of city officials who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the evolving smart city agenda, and the opportunities this provides for future growth and investment. Our primary objective is that this will be a cooperative Forum for the advancement of smart city agendas across all partner cities.

What is a Smart City?

Provide Better Services

Develop, drive and facilitate public services which are better, easier, more efficient and accessible for citizens.

Improve Economic Activity

Support regional economic development by helping to create an ecosystem that attracts and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and businesses, and communicates this to the wider world.

Promote Innovative Solutions

Provide new, innovative and better solutions to existing and future challenges which impact citizens, businesses and visitors.

Increase Collaboration and Engagement

Create effective internal and external collaborations and partnerships with local authorities, other public sector organisations, academia, external agencies, businesses, citizens and international partners.

Benefits of a Smart City


Acts as a reference site to validate smart city technologies


Move from research to reality


Builds a collaboration framework to solve the City’s challenges


Delivers more efficient city services


Increased engagement with citizens and service users


Enhances the quality of life

Smart City Forum Members

This collaborative initiative, supported by Maynooth University, will see the member cities work together to share insights, support collaborative research and advise stakeholders on collective city priorities. The cross border initiative includes local authority representation from Cork, Dublin (all four local authorities), Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Belfast, Derry and Newry who together will explore common challenges related to implementing smart city policies and projects.

The Team

Dr. Niall Connolly

Maynooth University (Chair)

Caroline Creamer

Maynooth University