Nordic – Irish Partnership for Smart Cities

Who We Are

The Nordic- Irish Partnership for Smart Cities, launched in May 2019, is a partnership between the four Nordic countries of Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden, and the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum (AISCF). 

This alliance builds on an existing EUR 6 Billion Irish-Nordic trading relationship for goods and services. The new partnership aims to help “match-make” Nordic and Irish cities and companies open to collaboration on new, smart and sustainable solutions to address some of the major challenges facing towns and cities today.

The Nordic-Irish Vision

Speaking at the launch of the Nordic-Irish Partnership for Smart and Sustainable Cities in May 2019, the then Ambassador of Norway, Else Berit Eikeland said: “Our vision is to develop a Nordic-Irish Green. We hope to develop a long-term partnership, to find more sustainable solutions for our common challenges”.

Strengthening the Nordic-Irish relationship

Also speaking at the launch of the Nordic-Irish Partnership for Smart and Sustainable Cities, Prof. Brian Donnellan, former Vice-President for Engagement & Innovation at Maynooth University, and then Chair of All Ireland Smart Cities said: “The Nordic-Irish Partnership for Smart Cities further strengthens long-standing relations between the Nordic countries and the island of Ireland. In the space of smart cities, there is significant potential to collaborate – across industry, academia and policy – in harnessing both the potential of the technology and the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our cities and towns”.

Resources of the Nordic Irish Partnership