Smart community care solutions for an aging population

Tuesday 19th October 2021, 9.00-10.45 IST

The fifth Nordic-Irish Partnership for Smart Cities event focused on a wide range of innovative wellbeing and assisted living technology solutions that pave the way for more focused approach to connected health care. The webinar explored Smart solutions that allow people to live longer (and independently) at home and reduce the ever-increasing pressure on healthcare infrastructure. The global pandemic has highlighted both the need for, and the possibilities of, a holistic approach to positive and healthy ageing and independent living for older persons in the community.

With an aging population that is gradually becoming more tech-savvy, both the Nordics and the island of Ireland will see increased demand for efficient solutions that bring quality care nearer to home. According to Irish Census of Population figures for 2016, it is estimated that the number of people aged 65 and over will reach over 1.6 million by 2051, with the greatest increase being in the over 80s. As people live longer, there is a growing need to invest in systems that support independent living and increase the quality of life for older persons – while also reducing overall costs to society.

This event, part of the Nordic-Irish Partnership for Smart Cities, presented an inspiring range of digitally-enabled healthcare solutions from the island of Ireland and the Nordics that enhance the possibilities of independent living and care in the community. At its best, smart healthcare technology has the ability to improve overall health and wellbeing, introduce care options to the vulnerable and frail in our communities, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services, and contribute to care systems becoming more sustainable.

Speakers included (click on the names to access the presesntations)

  • Steven Griffin, Innovation from Healthcare Lead at Health Innovation Hub Ireland. Irish outlook and prospects in the field of health innovations
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  • Orla Veale, Project Lead, Smart D8. Innovative approaches and future of health and wellbeing in Ireland. 
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  • James McLaughlin, Professor, Ulster University. Development of a Connected Health Platform, linking bioengineering and computing sciences with sensor technology.
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  • Janne Dugstad, Associate professor, University of South-Eastern Norway. Director, Centre for Health and Technology. Developing future solutions for the health and care sector.
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  • Katrine Vedel, Chief Advisor, Healthcare DENMARK. Innovating better life – The Case of Denmark
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  • Lasse Rousi, CEO, Medixine. All-in-one telehealth platform for communication and remote patient monitoring.
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