Call for follower cities interested in transforming and regenerating Historic Urban Areas

Call for follower cities interested in transforming and regenerating Historic Urban Areas while preserving their unique cultural and social identity and the environment.

This Horizon 2020 project works to promote the urban transformation and heritage-led regeneration of Historic Urban Areas through innovation and entrepreneurship, while preserving their unique cultural, social and environmental identities and values.

Currently eight city pilots of diverse geographic locations, socio-economic characteristics and local ecosystems, are working on their selected historic area and transforming it in a “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by co-developing new business models and innovative solutions that will bring together sustainability and cultural heritage.

Intracity and intercity collaboration and co-learning is at the heart of HUB-IN. The opportunity to network, learn from and work with other cities and stakeholders in the project will increase the capacity of teams and intensifies the transfer of knowledge, strengthening both the HUB-IN network and the results more locally.

Hub-In intends to select at least 20 additional historic urban areas to follow the project and potentially develop their own hubs of innovation. They will be part of the Hub-In Alliance, where they will have access to the network and knowledge, as well as exclusive content and support for their own regeneration processes. The collaboration between our Pilot cities and Alliance cities will develop further into the HUB-IN Alliance, to create a ‘network of interest’ continuing the work of HUB-IN supporting and connecting Hubs of Innovation across Europe into the future.

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