Smart Mobility

Blanchardstown Public Mobility Hub – Smart, Sustainable, Accessible Mobility Options

Reducing our reliance on private cars is an important step towards decarbonisation, improving mobility and reducing congestion. In 2020, Fingal County Council launched an innovative, new Public Mobility Hub, providing citizens with shared, sustainable and accessible public mobility options on the main street of Blanchardstown.

Project Activities

The hub comprises five parking bays with specific colour-coordinated functions including age-friendly, disabled, electric vehicle charging, bike rack (bike share and public), and car sharing. Shared car and bike options are provided by Go-Car and Bleeper Bikes.

The aim of the Mobility Hub is to encourage varied and sustainable types of transport in areas that are close to existing public transport links with high concentration of employment, housing, shopping, amenities and recreation. This allows a greater number of citizens, including the aged and those with accessibility issues to travel in a greater variety of ways, and advances Fingal’s climate action goals in the process.


A number of benefits can be achieved by providing accessible and sustainable mobility options in our communities. Public Mobility Hubs can:

  • Reduce transport costs for citizens as they can move away from private car ownership
  • Reduce carbon emissions as non-fossil fuel vehicles are made available
  • Improve congestion in our towns and city
  • Improve health and wellbeing as citizens are encouraged to use ‘active-travel’ bike options.

Over the coming months, Mobility Hubs will be rolled out on a phased basis across Fingal towns and villages.


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