Connected Life Buoys – Reducing Theft and Saving Lives



Dublin City Council manage approx. 130 lifebuoys in Dublin along the two canals, the River Liffey and in The Docklands. Unfortunately, approx. 20 of these life rings go missing or are stolen every week.

The current method for detecting missing or stolen life buoys is a slow and laborious process. A life buoy could be missing for anything between 1-4 weeks at a time, which puts lives at risk. On top of this, there is a significant cost to Dublin City Council to replace each of these missing life rings at approx. €20,000 per annum.

Project Activities

Dublin City Council is in the process of putting a competitive call to the market to find two solutions to the above issue. These solutions will be trialled and developed over a 6-12 month period working with DCC and Water Safety Ireland with the goal of a longer-term deployed across Dublin and Ireland.

This competitive call to the market will employ a new and innovative procurement approach to evaluate solutions with support from the European Assistance for Innovative Procurement fund.


The intended impact of this project is to use innovative technology to improve the process of detecting missing or stolen life-buoys, which can ultimately save lives. Technological solutions will also bring cost-savings to the Council, by increasing efficiencies and streamlining the current process.


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