Cork City Council Electric Vehicle Fleet

Cork City Council currently has a fleet which includes three EV vans, a Nissan Leaf and three Pedicels. Cork City Council’s EV and Pedicel fleet has been part funded through the Green eMotion EU Project. This project has supported the procurement of a Renault Kangoo EV for the City Fire Brigade. This vehicle can accommodate up to five passengers and carries firefighters who are members of the brigade’s cardiac emergency response team. The van has been adapted internally and fitted with a range of radio and medical equipment.

The vehicle’s battery can be fully recharged in less than 30 minutes and can travel distances of up to 160km on a single charge of the battery. The van produces CO2 emissions lower than 120g/km, it includes at least 7% recycled plastic, and has been designed in such a way that 95% of the materials used could have a second life.

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