Cork Smart Gateway

The Cork Smart Gateway was established by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Nimbus Research Centre and Tyndall National Institute to pursue and facilitate the delivery of a smart agenda for Cork.

The Smart Gateway aims to enhance the reputation of Cork as an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest. A place where public infrastructure and public service provision utilise best in class solutions and one which allows stakeholders to participate in decision making and enjoy an enhanced environment.

This initiative will compliment and support the already large number of organisations in Cork who are working on smart solutions to improve the physical realm, from energy conservation to open data. The Smart Gateway will create a forum to allow these organisations to share and collaborate together while also marketing the Cork region as a smart destination internationally.

Objectives include:

– Engaging with citizens to identify the evolving challenges and opportunities that impact on their quality of life

– Identifying suitable and achievable smart projects through a collaborative multi stakeholder approach

– Encouraging an open and innovative ecosystem that supports start ups and SMEs through the facilitation of test beds to pilot new technologies

– Promoting Cork as a Smart destination internationally

– The Cork Smart Gateway has identified a number of strategic focus areas to help define and drive the smart agenda.


Theme Strategic Goals
Citizen Engagement Focus on user cantered solutions to improve the quality of life for citizens in the region.
Assisted Living Improve the quality of life of older people in Cork and assist them to live independently for longer.
Mobility Promote sustainable multimodal transport using alternative fuels and ICT solutions
Open Data Encourage the sharing and use of open data via a publically available online open data platform
Energy Reduction of energy consumption in the region including public buildings, utilities, public transport, social housing and industry with strong integration of ICT solutions
E governance To promote transparent governance, relying on open innovation principles, using modern  ICT e-governance solutions
Economic Development Encourage businesses to locate and develop in the region by supporting them through test bed provision, facilitating collaboration and encouraging knowledge sharing
Communication and Dissemination Promote Cork as a Smart Region Internationally

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