Smart Dublin benches bringing smart city technology to life in our communities

Throughout the first half of 2019, smart benches were installed in a number of spots across the Dublin region bringing the future of smart technology to our streets and parks. From Balbriggan to the Docklands, the benches are a visible expression of Dublin’s Smart City status as we deploy new and exciting technologies that seek to improve quality of life in the region.

With solar panels, phone charging ports, Wi-Fi and digital advertising space, the benches offer a range of digital capabilities to both the public and the local authorities. Across the region, different models have been sourced, with those in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council even providing electric sockets for charging e-bikes along with bike repair tools.

Inside the benches, a number of sensors collect non-personal data relating to temperature, humidity, energy production and how much energy the bench consumes, providing local authority staff with valuable information about the environment and bench usage.

The arrival of smart street furniture, one of the most noticeable smart city developments in Dublin, bring the realities of innovative technology to life in our communities.

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