My Limerick and My ‘Cases’

‘My Limerick’ is a secure account that can be used by citizens, businesses and visitors to discover digital content about Limerick and also to carry out transactions with Limerick City and Council in a single integrated platform. You can register for ‘My Limerick’ through and over 1,700 accounts have already been created.

Rob O’Driscoll, Digital Strategy Programme Manager at LCCC, said: “Any citizen or visitor can create an account, look at events that are on the site, mark their favourite events/amenities and then will get suggestions based on what they have liked etc. The ‘My Cases’ feature is for local citizens primarily so they can log on and create support or service requests to the council. The requests are catalogued on our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and the relevant department follows up with the customer.” People can follow progress on their cases. There is also a ‘My Representatives’ section where 45 local councillors, TDs and ministers can log on and make representations on behalf of citizens and track them to completion.”

Close to 2,000 cases have been opened and over 1,600 have been closed during the pilot stage – a tangible measure of what the platform can do.

Triona Daly, Head of Customer Services outlined advantages such as being able to log-on 24/7, from the convenience of home or work and eliminate the need for a lengthy phone call or trip to council offices. “It’s another channel; we don’t discourage the other channels of engagement but My Limerick adds more flexibility for the digital citizen.” It is planned that the users will be able to apply for licences, permits and grants online. By the end of the year, a consultation platform will be integrated in My Limerick so if the council publishes a development or strategic plan, you can view it on the web, make observations, lodge objections or ask for more information. “We can integrate all these systems with My Limerick so that one account will enable people to access all these different services in the council,” Triona concluded.

In time, it is envisioned that the reach of ‘My Limerick’ can be expanded so users can deal with with other organisations, such as community organisation as well as the council.

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