Real Time Passenger Information

Your bus will let you know when to leave the house!

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) has made using public transport easier. It provides valuable information for transport providers and for anyone else who wishes to use this data in their own apps.

For most people, RTPI means being able to look at the overhead display at a bus stop to see when the next buses will be arriving. But web apps developed using RTPI information can help citizens calculate the most efficient way to travel from A to B. They do this by combining data from different modes of transport, the latest information on traffic delays and interruptions, and capacity across the country.

The Real Time Ireland app allows you to set-up alerts and receive notifications before heading out for the daily commute! No more waiting around in the rain, this handy feature lets you know 10, 20 or 30 minutes before the bus reaches your selected bus stop!

Having reliable information about the next bus, tram, or train allows passengers to plan their journey and use their time more productively. Passenger numbers are now growing for buses, partly because now there is accurate information on the estimated time of arrival of all services at a given stop.

How does RTPI work?
Dublin Bus, Luas and Irish Rail use Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to track movement in real-time. The AVL data is fed back into the central RTPI server, and subsequently into display panels at public transport stops. The server can be queried to know which services will be stopping and at what times. The data received can then be filtered by route and operator.

The RTPI data is available freely to developers, researchers, and commercial interests via an API available on API users can retrieve timetable information by date and the real-time route of a vehicle. Real-time data is also used by transport apps such as Transport for Ireland’s Real Time Ireland and Journey Planner, the Dublin Bus app, and several other third-party commercial apps.

RTPI is under the remit of the National Transport Authority, responsible for transport in Ireland. However, it started as a project for Dublin Bus in 2008 developed by Dublin City Council in collaboration with IBM. At present, the RTPI system covers Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus, Luas, and Irish Rail.

You can find the app through these links: (Website) (iPhone) (Android) (Windows Phone)

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